Who Cares?

The Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall, and Governor Ivy's priorities have been questioned, as they seem to prioritize politics over human rights. Wrongful convictions are on the rise across the United States, and Alabama has gained a notorious reputation in this regard.

Who Cares?

The Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall and Governor Ivy are putting politics before human rights. Wrongful convictions are popping up all over the United States. Alabama, unfortunately but not surprisingly, has a renowned reputation for wrongful convictions.

The undoing of a wrongful conviction is an uphill battle. The evidence, witness and even authorities can protest a conviction. Prominent citizens and members of the judicial system can sign petitions and testimonials, all to no avail. However the Governor and Attorney General can intervene, that is if it does not interrupt their political plans.

How sad, and telling, it is about our legal system and elected officials, that they would allow an innocent man to remain in jail. Simple because, doing the right, may not be the thing to do, during an election.

“This is supposed to be an honest system. It’s supposed to work, and they misled us,” juror Jay Crane told WBRC. “I am very disappointed. And I feel sad for the victim’s family because they haven’t gotten any justice.”

BALDWIN COUNTY has it’s own wrongful conviction, Murray Bubba Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence’s case is an example of how the Sheriff’s office, Lt. Hoss Mack, prosecutor David Whetstone, and judge Wilters were promoted on the back of a wrongful conviction. Their legacy will be stained by the overzealous conviction of an innocent man.

The details of this case would embarrass a first year law student. The police investigation produced nothing but speculation. The prosecution came up with a bizarre fictional cause of death that disagreed with two autopsies and the murder victim being exhumed. The prosecution also introduced a gun as evidence, however no fingerprints, blood, DNA or ballistics connected the gun to the crime. The Judge overruled the defense and allowed the gun in as evidence. The judge also allowed the prosecution to speculate while overruling the defense, time and time again.

The only person who accused Murray Lawrence of murder was the actual murderer, who was bargaining for his life.

Please sign the petition and support us for a new trial.

Ask yourself—

How can someone be convicted of murder, based entirely on testimony of a single person who is bargaining on a reduced sentence?

No blood, no DNA, no witnesses?

5 alibi witnesses, no fingerprints, no fiber, no weapon, no ballistics— no justice.

This case is destined to be a feature documentary exposing an inept and corrupt judicial system.

No timeline, two medical examiner reports that dispute state’s cause of death.