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Wrongful Conviction

Murray Bubba Lawrence Jr.

Murray Bubba Lawrence Jr.
  • AIS# 00241380
  • William C Holman
  • Correction Facility
  • 1206 Ross Rd
  • Atmore, AL 36502

Ask yourself—

How can someone be convicted of murder, based entirely on testimony of a single person who is bargaining on a reduced sentence?

No blood, no DNA, no witnesses?

5 alibi witnesses, no fingerprints, no fiber, no weapon, no ballistics— no justice.

This case is destined to be a feature documentary exposing an inept and corrupt judicial system.

No timeline, two medical examiner reports that dispute state's cause of death.

Mission Statement

The release of wrongfully convicted Murray "Bubba" Lawrence Jr.

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This is the case of Murray “Bubba” Lawrence Jr. who was convicted of capital murder in Baldwin County Alabama, May 13, 2005. He was arrested and incarcerated for 11 months 10 days, prior to conviction.

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Innocent cover image


Murray "Bubba" Lawrence was convicted of capital murder in Baldwin County, Alabama, on May 13, 2005, after spending 11 months and 10 days incarcerated. The case involved the murder of Brandon Hastings, with the conviction primarily relying on the testimony of an accomplice, lack of substantial evidence, and a flawed investigation.

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The Truth

Jarious McNeil, the last person seen with Brandon Hastings, becomes a central figure in this case. He was involved in selling parts from Hastings' car and had a questionable testimony. During the investigation, McNeil changed his story multiple times.

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Baldwin County

David Whetstone

Among the personal items that former Baldwin County District Attorney David Whetstone left behind after leaving office in 2006, easily the most curious was a wooden statue of a devil. 'Devil statue is mine — and it seems cursed'

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Baldwin County

Baldwin County Sheriffs Office

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office has been mired in controversy over qualification rules and legal challenges related to their enforcement decisions.

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Who Cares? cover image

Who Cares?

The Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall, and Governor Ivy's priorities have been questioned, as they seem to prioritize politics over human rights. Wrongful convictions are on the rise across the United States, and Alabama has gained a notorious reputation in this regard.

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Baldwin County

Robert Yates

According to the complaint, deputies were attempting to serve an eviction notice on Robert Yates when he allegedly fired a “warning shot” from within his mobile home

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Baldwin County

Jonathan Victor

In a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin County Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack and Deputy Matt Hunady, additional video and audio from a 2017 officer-involved shooting have been submitted to federal court. This evidence raises questions about the use of deadly force in the death of Jonathan Victor during a SWAT standoff following a car accident.

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William Earnest Kuenzel cover image
Baldwin County

William Earnest Kuenzel

Alabama Death Row inmate William Ernest Kuenzel's attorneys have filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking permission to present new evidence proving his innocence in the 1987 shooting death of a convenience store clerk. Despite gaining support from various figures, Kuenzel's appeals were unsuccessful, and he passed away from cancer after spending over three decades on death row.

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Joseph and Kevin Andrews, Dominic Scotti Garcia, Crystal Lee Moradie, Payton Leigh Northcut cover image
Baldwin County

Joseph and Kevin Andrews, Dominic Scotti Garcia, Crystal Lee Moradie, Payton Leigh Northcut

An incident involving a Baldwin County sheriff's deputy pursuing a vehicle against traffic on Interstate 10 resulted in a high-speed collision, claiming the lives of five individuals. Questions are now being raised about whether the deputy violated policy during the pursuit.

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The Supreme Court Just Said That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough cover image

The Supreme Court Just Said That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough

The same court that appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade in order to protect innocents before they are born seems to lose interest when it comes to innocents later in life.

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Baldwin sheriff responds to recent lawsuits cover image
Baldwin County

Baldwin sheriff responds to recent lawsuits

By Gabriel Tynes After an emergency hearing last week, Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Clark Stankoski denied a writ of mandamus against…

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Harry Still, III cover image

Harry Still, III

In reviewing this exhaustive trial transcript, I was appalled by the injustice that allowed an innocent man, Murray "Bubba" Lawrence, to be convicted based on flawed evidence and the word of a murderer, and I am committed to drawing attention to his plight.

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